Preventing Mold In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where mold can occur fairly easily, and it is also a place where you really need to avoid it! Mold can be harmful to humans, especially in terms of consumption, which is why is is essential that you are not allowing the mold in your home to get in to the food that you cook for your family. In many ways, the kitchen is the only place that this is likely to happen, as it is the only place in the house that they can come in to contact. Preventing mold in the kitchen is easy, and it only takes a few simple preventative steps to ensure that you do not have to worry about the issue of mold when you are cooking.


For a start, you need to ensure that any old signs of mold are totally gone, as these areas are likely become moldy again, should the humidity get to the right point for the mold to grow. You will find that a great way to do this is to paint the kitchen with mold resistant paint. This paint is great as it will cover up all of the stains that the wall may have taken on, giving you a freshly bright new surface to the wall. This paint is thick and pretty water resistant, so it is perfect for a gleaming kitchen, and will mean that mold coming from the walls will not be able to penetrate through the painted layer and become visible in the room.


One of the main causes of mold is standing water, so ensuring that you allow your kitchen to dry quickly after you have cleaned it or washed up is essential. You will find that there is a surprising amount of water that gets sloshed from the sink to the cracks behind it, and if this is not mopped up immediately, then you are certainly at risk of getting mold in those places. The reality is that this sort of area is often left nucleated, as it is not highly visible when you are cleaning or surveying the kitchen, and that is dangerous, as it is in these sorts of places that mold will grow in the first place, then spreading across the kitchen and causing a problem. Once you have washed up, take a dedicated towel and dry up all of the water form the surrounding areas, ensuring that you work the towel into all of the cracks. Do the same when you have cleaned the surfaces, and if you are mopping the floor, only use the requisite amount of water, don’t allow for puddles to be sitting there for hours!


Humidity is a big player int he mold issue as well, and it is pretty essential that yo remove this factor from the equation as sufficiently as possible. You will find that opening the windows as much as possible, and ensuring that there is a constant flow of air will be the key to this. Many house owners like to retain a cosy feeling in their homes, and this can often lead to serious problems in terms of the amount of damp air that sits in the various rooms where water is used a lot. Opening the windows will expell this air. Similarly, having decent ventilation in place at all times is essential, and some windows will have vents built in. If you do not have ventilation in place and you are worried about mold, it may be a good idea to get them installed!

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