Preventing mold from staining your clothes

If you are looking to reduce the likelihood of mold growing in your clothing, then yo are on to a winner. Mold is a pretty deadly growth for clothes, as it will happen fairly unnoticeably, and if left for long enough, can eat holes in the clothing itself, making them almost unwearable. You will find that the best way to tackle this is to simply adhere to a number of preventative measures when you are dealing with your clothes, as there is no reason to be suffering at the hands of mold in your clothing, nor your home! It is essential that you avoid mold growing in your clothes for more than just the clothes’ sake as well. You will find that any mold that grows in your clothing can spread to the rest of the house, settling places that you would perhaps not want it to, causing further mold based problems in other areas of your life! Mold is not just an unsightly problem, as the spores can get in the air and cause seriously problematic reactions in some people. You will find that these spores can get in the lungs and give you really bad breathing problems, and can cause allergic reactions in some people.   If you have come in with wet clothes, then avoid allowing them to sit about for long without drying out. Wet shoes should not go straight in the cupboard, but should be aired out as much as possible. Wet coats are the same, and sweaty clothing from the gym or a long walk should not be thrown in the washing, as it will just fester in there. These warm, damp conditions are perfect for mold to grow, and it is essential that you remove the elements of warmth and wet that make up the humidity that mold needs to grow in.   If you can’t put your damp clothing in the wash straight away, then ensure that it is hung in a place that it can be aired out and prevent it remaining wet and sweaty! This may be the back of a chair or a towel rail, anything to ensure that it gets aired out. Open a window in the room that it has been left in, so that the circulation of the air does not simply carry mold spores elsewhere in the house as well!   When you have done a wash, you will likely find that the clothes are damp afterwards, even after drying. For this reason, you need to ensure that they allowed to breathe for a bit before they go away in their drawers, as otherwise the inevitable will happen, and the mold will come! The best possible thing to do is to take clothing a straight out of the washing machine, and to hang dry them in the sun. The sun’s UV rays help to kill all traces of mold, and this is by far and away the best way in which to be treating your damp and warm clothes.   Leaving clothing in the washing machine, or towels piled on the floor, or damp clothes on a sofa etcetera will always lead to a damp smell, which will mean that the clothes need to be washed all over again before you can wear them. You will no doubt find that the simple steps above will remove the chances of these things being an issue, so keep them in mind when you are dealing with damp clothing!

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