Natural Mold Cleaning Tips and Guidelines

High humidity can become a serious problem in a number of cases around our homes. With the right circumstances mold spores can grow into mold colonies, thus spreading and playing on our allergies. Black mold can be downright dangerous to our health, so you will need to address the issue by dealing with mold as soon as possible before it has a chance to get out of control. Dehumidifiers can be of great help in keeping moisture levels low, however you may still experience mold at times. There are a great many types of cleaners out there which are aimed toward mold, however they also have a good deal of hazardous chemicals among them. The following materials in this article are natural alternatives which get the job done much more safely:

  • You can make use of tea tree oil, which can be easily bought at health food stores and other locations. Although this is a more expensive option that the rest on the list, it works great against mold. The only unpleasant side to it would be the strong smell left behind for a couple of days, but its mold-killing power is undeniable. Just combine two teaspoons of the oil in two cups of water and spray the affected areas. You will see the results soon enough once you’re done.
  • You can also use grapefruit seed extract for your needs, which works in pretty much the same way as grapefruit seed extract. Its advantage is the fact that it has the same mold-killing strength minus the strong smell. Simply put about twenty drops or so in two cups of water and spray the area you want clean and let it dry.
  • One of the most easy to obtain mold cleaning materials you can use is right under your nose right now, quietly sitting in your kitchen. Vinegar has an amazing antifungal power, killing up to 82% of most mold spores, acting fairly quickly and leaving a quickly dispersing scent that lasts for a day at most. If you have some lighter stains on the wall, you can dilute vinegar and water in equal parts and use that on the wall. You should always use distilled white vinegar as to avoid the staining of all surfaces you’re using it on. You can spray it directly on the affected areas as well, letting it dry.
  • If you have a shower curtain made of plastic and it has been marred with mold and mildew, then you can clean it in the washing machine with some bath towels and a side order of baking soda and vinegar, half cup each. Place the baking soda during the washing cycle and the vinegar during the rinse cycle. Let it dry out and you’ll be done with the problem without a worry.
  • You can also use a 3% hydrogen peroxide to destroy mold and mildew during your cleaning efforts. You can use it straight to wipe mold off the affected areas or even spray it on them as well.
  • If you have any clothes stained by mildew and mold, then you can remove it with some lemon juice and salt. Make a paste of them and rub the area until you remove the stain, letting it dry in the sun each time.

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