Mold Removal in San Diego

Maybe you don’t realize but the conditions given by the sunny San Diego are just the perfect ones for the developing of black mold in your properties.

What exactly makes San Diego so unexpectedly ideal for mold development?

1. The local climate has to be somewhere between 55 and 95 degrees, similar to the majority of households.

2. The general moisture level should be over 50%.

3. There has to be a regular source of humidity. Normally, this is furnished by water leaks in the ceiling, close to bathrooms, and under kitchen sinks.

4. Plus a food supply. The drywall, plywood and wood in the home are usually what mold use to survive. The mold in fact feeds on them.

Doesn’t this seem to be the San Diego types of conditions everyone knows and love?

Lately this very problem has been all over the media too. The best thing to do in case black mold infested your home is to call an expert in mold remediation.

Here you will find a list of companies that may be of help for you to solve any problem with mold.



Mold Inspection & Testing San Diego CA

SD Mold Inspection

Mold Sourcing Group

Best Dry Flood & Mold Spclst

Precision Mold Testing

Global Mold Solutions Inc

Coral Mold Co

Mold Inspection and Lab Tests, Inc.

Best Dry Flood & Mold Spec INC

Ikegami Mold Corp Of America

Eagle Mold Technologies

Moldstoppers of San Diego

New World Molding Inc

Qds Injection Molding

American Plastic Molding Corp

3d Environmental INC

Eco Flood & Mold Remediation

First In Technology

Bill Howe Plumbing, Heating & Air, Restoration & Flood Services

Green Safe Solutions

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One thought on “Mold Removal in San Diego

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