Mold Inspection in Los Angeles – Reviews

Recently a survey was conducted in the LA area. There was only one question asked: “What scares you most about mold?”.

The top one answer was: “It will make me and my family sick”.

In fact black mold is the cause of different illnesses and no wonders that this was the real factor that convinced them to hire a mold inspection company.

The second answer has been: “It will damage my home and could cost a lot of money to remove”. Un-handled mold problems can result in considerable damage to a property which can be expensive to solve. The most effective strategy for property owners is quick discovery by using a mold inspection and mold testing company.

If you plan to get a mold testing, here you can find summaries of reviews of Mold Inspections Companies located in Los Angeles, to help you choose the best one for your needs.


Moldings Unlimited

Crown molding galore!

Came here for crown molding. They have a lot to choose from and samples to take home. Good prices (better than Home Depot) but best to know what you want since they weren't as helpful with advice. read more

Mold Masters INC

One of the best mold removal companies

After moving into my new apartment, I started to notice some strange smell. Mold was starting to grow on the walls and in the bathroom. Luckily I got a mold inspection from these guys and they found the source of the problem. Now my… read more

Mold Masters INC

Mold Masters Inc has a fantastic service and team

They came, analyzed, reported and removed my mold problem in no time. I would like to thank them for their work and I definitely recommend them to anyone. read more

Common Sense Inspections Inc.

Mold indpectio

CSI inspected my home for mold, which I knew was present due to an allergic reaction, but could not locate on my own. CSI quickly located the problem and it now being dealt with. I had a very good experience and would definitely recommend… read more

Air Duct Cleaning Sherman Oaks

Mold-free Air Vents

I have always been allergic to molds and dust. The bad news was, the air ducts inside my house are crawling with it. I called the air duct cleaning company to give an air duct cleaning service. They did a superb job at it because my… read more

Common Sense Inspections Inc.

Mold Inspection Done Perfectly

I recently used Common Sense Inspections for the first time and they did multiple mold inspections for one property. From my experience, the employees were very professional and easy to schedule work with. I would gladly recommend the… read more

Common Sense Inspections Inc.

Very Fast and Thorough Mold Inspection

I appreciate working with Common Sense Inspections because they were very fast and very thorough. I had them doing a mold inspection. The price was fine and the technician was respectful and professional. This was my first time using them,… read more

Regal Restoration

Took good care of our mold problem

Took good care of our mold problem. Good customer service. read more

Regal Restoration

Took good care of our mold problem

Took good care of our mold problem. Good customer service. read more


Mold Invested Canopy In Dining Area!

Although this entry will not count towards my friend's charity, I felt compelled to write about this place. About 5-6 months ago, my friend and I were sitting in their dining room enjoying our meal until I looked up at the canopy over… read more

Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC

What Stinks?! How To Identify the Presence of Mold

Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC has heard from many clients, and experienced firsthand, the different smells associated with water damage and mold growth. Conditions that help mold grow, such as the presence of moisture, create humid… read more

Renaissance Molding & Design

Professional Quality Work

Fantastic job on my stair! I highly recommend this company. Top shelf installation. The staff was very knowledgeable and custom designed my staircase. read more

Carpet Cleaning Venice

Havent Had Mold and Mildew Ever Since I Hired This Residential Service

Mold & mildew removal is such a tough challenge for me and it seems like Ive been trying to deal with it forever. But ever since I hired this residential service, I havent had problems with it. Thanks again for this superb job! I know that… read more

Rancho Los Feliz

Rude/Accusing Management, Bugs, Mold, Gas Leaks etc.

Not a place to call home, not at all.\r There is loud disturbances 11 months out of the year. They are always turning off water in buildings without any warning, "remodeling", and walking into apartments without prior consent. You will be… read more

Common Sense Inspections Inc.

Samuel is very personable and knowledgeable. He will teach you everything you need to know about mold and water damaged buildings.

Samuel is very passionate and knowledgeable about water damaged buildings and mold. If it's there, he will find it! My only complaint is that I still haven't received a report yet! read more

Common Sense Inspections Inc.

CSI MOLD Los Angeles is a class-act, and when dealing with challenges, the class-acts really shine!

CSI MOLD Los Angeles was excellent. There was some mold, left by a company that did a dry out. I know that mold is dangerous and can travel, so I was fearful of that. Samuel took my call and was quick to respond to making an appointment… read more

Common Sense Inspections Inc.

Needed an inspection for possible mold

Common Sense, in my opinion, is very trustworthy, prompt, and knowledgeable when it comes to this type of inspection. I had never dealt with this problem before and Samuel made it clear, concise and very professional. Arrived on time,… read more

G & R Auto Repair & Body

Water, Fire & Mold Remediation

Very efficient service. I was given a firm quote over the phone and an indication of how long it would take. The person arrived on time and completed the work within the time advised. He also made sure that I was happy with the job before… read more

Trident Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Always a pleasure to visit. This time it was for Invisalign molds/consultation. read more

Common Sense Inspections Inc.

It was a good first time experience

I hired Common Sense Inspections to inspect my bathroom for mold and the person who came out was on time and finished in a timely manner. There was no mold and no problems. It went smoothly and he was very professional, I would recommend… read more

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8 thoughts on “Mold Inspection in Los Angeles – Reviews

  1. This article is great! Mold testing and inspection is indeed very much important in order to ensure safety. Molds should never be neglected. We may think these are just small organisms but these are harmful and could possibly cause harm to people’s health. Testing and mold remediation matters so much.

  2. This is known as house cooking and not only does it
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  5. These factors mold and manipulate the shape
    and cross-section’the structure’of the jet stream.
    You will need to mix a cup of it in a gallon of water and then scrub the affected area two or three times until all the
    traces of mold have been removed. While many can live with small
    stains in the carpeting, and cover them with pieces of furniture,
    remember that any growth beneath or within the padding will be far more expensive the longer it spreads.

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