How to Remove Mould From A Carpet

Mould is a deleterious fungal infection which gets caught on surfaces and fabrics. They’re a right pest – not only do they make walls and carpets smell mouldy and rank, but they destroy the surface they’re blighting! On top of this, they have pose a serious hazard to your health. They can attack your immune system, exacerbate existing allergies, and if you are an asthma sufferer, they can wreak havoc on your condition. Thus, it’s imperative that you deal with mould the second it rears its head. Getting rid of it, unfortunately, is easier said than done – however help is at hand in the form of this guide. This page is full of hints and tips for cleaning mould, and should give you a significant hand when it comes to removing mould from carpets.

Mould flourishes in humid environs – they thrive on moisture, and multiply rapidly in these conditions. As we often like to keep our houses warm, or by token of the weather they are inadvertently warm, they can be a fertile breeding ground and basis for the proliferation of mould. There are, however, ways of limiting the capacity for the spread of these pests. For a start, you should keep your house overly ventilated – ensure it stays at a neutral temperature all year round. Open windows, go easy on central heating, etcetera. This might be easier said than done in some cases, but really do endeavour – this way, you may never have to worry about mould blighting your home ever! Put towels on a drying rack immediately after use, and put them through the washing machine on the hottest setting every week. Don’t leave them on your bed, or a carpeted floor, for any length of time after you’ve dried off. If you don’t do this, they can easily pick up funguses, so be wary of letting this responsibility slide!

If mould does occur, you should identify its source as soon as you can. Often, it is caused by damp. A glass of water being spilled, a pipe leaking or poor ventilation in a warm environment can lead to the burgeoning of mould. If the area is small, you may well be able to clean it yourself. However, in the event that the mould in your home has been inflicted due to a major spillage (or even a flood!), then really you need to speak to a carpet cleaning services professional. They truly are the experts when it comes to mould removal. Even if you feel you can take on the job yourself, it may still be worth speaking to an expert carpet cleaner – they may have some helpful tips and hints to help you shift mould from a carpet! You will find the best cleaning contractors have entire departments (or, at least, dedicated staff) who are specifically trained in removing mould from carpets. If you find the right cleaning agency for mould removal, you will also find it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The finest carpet cleaning firms know that the public’s budgets are not what they were a few years ago, and won’t balk at working for low rates. If you can’t find a carpet cleaner who fits the bill, also check out general domestic cleaners and home cleaning companies in your area. They too will have worked on mould and other such fungal blights in their time, and will almost certainly be able to help. Get on that phone and see for yourself! Again, even if you do not use their cleaning services, they may be able to offer guidance on best practice.

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5 thoughts on “How to Remove Mould From A Carpet

  1. If the mold has reached the backing at the base of the carpet, it may take considerable effort to remove. Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner in this scenario. If the mold has grown across a large portion of the backing, you may need to replace the carpet.

  2. We have a problem with mold on our carpets not too long ago. A long curtain was causing damp air to stagnate near an exterior wall. Unfortunately we couldn’t save the carpet because it had started growing on the underside and we just couldn’t clean it off well and had begun to smell – yuck!

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