Easy Mold Removal Tips

The main cause of mildew and mold infestation is water, but in many cases dealing with the problem may be more difficult than it seems at first. The following tips will give you a tip on what you need to do to address the issue successfully if you want to get things done with minimum fuss.

Inspecting the pipes and drains

This is one of the first things that need doing, as they will be one of the main reasons for your mold issues. This means looking at all plumbing fixtures, pipes and even the walls around them for any possible leaks, damp spots and the like. You should remember that water may flow in different directions, depending on the nature of the material it flows in so check the entire area around possible leaks.

Never ignore mold

In many cases mold can be the end sign of a serious problem with moisture buildup inside your ceilings or walls, which could lead to rotting wood, structural instability and worse. Never underestimate the problem and do your best to fix it as soon as possible.

Inspect all vents, window wells and flashing

If you have any mold that grows on your ceiling or the walls outside, you should check for roof leaks as well as wall issues. You can measure the distance to the area where you’ve seen mold, thus leading you to a certain area of searching you can see for yourself for any signs of the underlying problem. Check out the vents, roof flashing and decks for any rotting wood and address the problem as soon as you can. If you have increased moisture around the foundations of the house, then you may experience some serious issues such as moisture seeping through the micro-cracks in the area itself.

Condensation issues

If you can’t find any signs of leaks on the roof or the foundations, then you may be dealing with a condensation issue, which means bad ductwork and poor insulation. Warm and moist air can condense and form water on the ducts carrying the cold outside air through the crawl spaces and the attic itself. This means you’re missing a good vapor barrier. Once that happens the ever-present mold spores will soon begin growing and thus creating their own unique set of issues. If you’re dealing with cold weather you may experience a different set of problems, such as moisture forming everywhere you have warm air escaping through the gaps.

Testing the spots

Although you can easily spot and recognize mold, you should always make sure you check for any hidden growths that simply make a surface look like its dirty. Use a bit of bleach, dilluted in about sixteen parts of water and dab that on the wall. If you see the spot lighten up or if it keeps coming back after cleaning it, no matter what then it might be mold. You can find mold testing kits in most hardware stores if you need any more specific help.


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