Dealing With Black Mold Symptoms

Black mold is a substance that can grow and multiply anywhere that there is moisture and a food source. It even feeds on smooth surfaces if they have not been cleaned properly and have some type of residue on them like an oily surface. The mold will grow at room temperature and it can be seen within 48 hours. The growing mold will appear like a patch of different colors sometime a red stain or a black area. If you see such a stain or discoloration, it is time to get to work and clean it up with a bleach based solution. Using soap and water will remove the stain, but won’t kill the mold and it will regrow.


What to do remove black mold?

Regular cleaning habits with the bleached solution will keep the pesky stuff at bay and make for a clean and safe environment. While most often, a low level of black mold will not cause any health issues, except for people who are allergic to mold of have any respiratory issues who may react to the mold.

The best way to handle mold is to remove the source of it in the first place. Places that are damp and wet like bathrooms and basements are susceptible to mold growth. High humidity that occurs from daily activity like showering and kitchen areas must be constantly cleaned with the bleach type solution.

mold on wallsToxic black mold also called Stachybotrys chartarum, this type of mold can grow in the house and get to a level that it is dangerous to humans. It usually gets to this level in wet, humid areas where normal activity does not take place very often. Out of the way places in basements, crawl spaces and garages are likely locations for toxic black mold to proliferate. Leaks in walls, in attics and under floors where everything is unseen are likely places as well for it to grow.

Toxic black mold doesn’t take hold and grow as fast or as effortlessly as other molds. It needs a surface to be fairly well wetted for at least a week before it can take hold. It takes from eight to twelve days to colonize whereas most common molds only take one or two days. Once it gets going though it takes over everything else.

If toxic black mold is found, removal should not be attempted by the homeowner, as if it is disturbed it will release huge amounts of spores which will spread and repopulate other areas in the home. This type of mold is called a toxic mold because it gives off toxins called mycotoxins.

The mold itself is a greenish black in color and usually looks sort of slimy on the top. Do not touch it or disturb it and a professional should be called immediately in order to get rid of it. This type of mold can be very dangerous to the health of humans and it has many serious side effects. The longer people are in this type of environment the more the possibility is that they are in serious danger of compromising their health.

If the mold is in a home the people will likely as not have their health compromised by breathing the mcotoxins put off by the spores. The toxic form of this mold produces trichothecene mycotoxins, among the most potent of the bunch. This type can take several years in breaking down and are almost impossible to get rid of in a home.

If a toxic mold is found in your home the best remedy, if you have symptoms of black mold exposure, is to remove the mold or remove yourself from the home. There is really no cure for the mold itself in humans except in getting away from it the symptoms seem to subside.

Toxic black mold symptoms include:


  • Mental and neurological – confusion, slowed reflexes, diminished attention span, brain fog
  • Respiratory – difficulty in breathing, wheezing and coughing, bleeding in the lungs, bleeding gums and continual sinus and nasal problems
  • Circulation problems – heart damage, irregular heartbeat, blood clotting difficulty, internal bleeding, vomiting blood, bleeding in the brain
  • Skin problems – dermatitis, a feeling that the skin is crawling, jaundice
  • Immune system problems – immune system does not function properly, reoccurring infections, allergy
  • Reproductive problems – infertility, miscarriage, Impotence, problems with development of the fetus
  • General discomfort and fatigue – chronic fatigue, drowsiness, general aches and pains, weakness
  • Other black mold exposure symptoms – hair loss, weight loss, hearing loss, liver disease, coma, death

These symptoms affect children, the elderly and people whose immune systems are weak or compromised in a worse way than people who are healthy. There are times with severe cases of mold that the mold will actually grow in a person’s body. This can occur when a person will breathe in the mold spores and the result will be an infection type symptom.

These infections can grow in the sinuses; grow on the skin and in the digestive tract. If the mold growth becomes too strong there are instances where the victim’s immune system will be entirely suppressed and compromised and the result is the death of the individual.


What to do in case of black mold exposure symptoms?

If a person is suspected to have black mold symptoms a medical doctor should be consulted in order for him to conduct a physical examination to test and determine if mold is present in any form at all. By describing all of the symptoms of exposure to black mold present, the patient can usually give the doctor enough information to determine the extent of the disease.

One very reliable method to determine if mold is present is to perform a skin test. By using drops of mold allergens on the skin and watching to see which drops cause a reaction, the doctor can then determine the type of agent that is causing the physical issue.

Black mold symptoms are nothing to ignore or take for granted that everything is alright. It is a very dangerous and toxic condition that must be dealt with immediately. The mold is very tenacious and can be deadly and cause enough serious side effects to completely change your life and make it miserable. Seek expert and professional advice and do not take this culprit on by yourself.




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  7. I think I have black mold where I live it stays wet under my house and I have mild coming up on my walls and all my cabinets are staying moist and my sinks are sweating so can I get rid of this early since my land stays so wet from all the rain we have been getting this year I tell everyone I just need to get rid of the house cuz I used to hear all the time that once u get mold u can never get rid of it

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