Black Mold Removal In Seattle

Without a doubt mold can be everywhere. Which is, mold is undoubtedly all over the place outside. Nevertheless, Black Mold is really a severe thing as it results in being located within an indoor atmosphere exactly where individuals are residing day-to-day and breathing in house atmosphere that could be polluted due to mold development. Also in a company area in which you might be inhaling a polluted air flow for almost 8 hrs every single day might have serious health implications for yourself as well as your company co-workers. Sometimes a seemingly simple factor such as a dripping washing machine or even a main natural flooding event could lead to serious secondary effects. These could stimulate the growth of molds which may trigger severe health problems. When the scenario reaches to this point, a repair organization manages mold treatment.

Here you can find a list of companies dealing with black mold remediation:

Derek's Auto Detail

Water and Mold No More!

Our car recently sat outside for a month when it rained daily. Little did we know it had a leak and ended up flooding the whole car with about 3 inches of water while also soaking the seats. We fixed the leak, but had no idea how to dry… read more


I still miss the jello molds

It doesn't have the same character as it did when it was down on Western, the front covered with copper jello molds nailed to the wall. But it's still one of the great Belltown drinks and eats places. read more

Habitude at the Locks

My service was great. However, when I took my shower, I noted mold on the floor which made the wonderful relaxing experience a bit icky. read more

Gilmore Stacy S DDS

it was great from the moment I walked through the door. Everything was explained on what was going to be done. from the numbing shots , to the mold fitting, great job to all. read more

Gaspar's Construction

They're professionals who do quality work.

Gaspar's Design & Construction repaired some water damage in my basement. They did plastering, base board, crown molding, painting, and carpet. The results are excellent. They're professionals who do quality work. read more

Seattle Pottery Supply

None Better

This place has everything for the potter from kilns and wheels to glazes, tools, molds, books, glaze chemicals...EVERYTHING! Also, the staff are extremely knowledgeable about all things ceramic. First class pottery supply store to be… read more

Fidler On the Tooth

Vince did the mold for my repair of flipper, and he was fantastic! I didn't gag or taste any of the solution,he made it very comfortable and my repair was back the same day! Love this dentist! They care! read more

Home Cake Decorating Supply Co

Endless possibilities

Sweet sugar flowers (daisies, anyone?), googly eyes, golf ball-shaped molds for chocolate, gum paste cutters, and novelty muffin tin liners are amongst some of the items one discovers when perusing the crowded shelves at the Home Cake… read more

Hillside Motel

Don't stay here.

This motel has mice trying to get inside the doors, bed bugs in the sheets, mold in the walls, broken windows, and bad customer service. The employees speak none to little english, refuses to perform basic services such as giving toilet… read more

The 5th Avenue Theatre

A Piece of Broadway in Seattle

Simply stated, I love this theater! They have so many great shows playing here, I wish I could clone myself to go and see all of them. And then there is the ambiance of the theater itself. The elaborate moldings make the venue seem… read more

Seattle Automotive Incorporated

Backwards and very slick

I had my BMW fixed by this company. They drilled holes in the shell of my driverside door (uncalled for) now I have to replace the entire metal shell so I can simply get the molding to stick back on the door. I noticed this when the… read more

Drs. Bryant & Junge

The staff were all very helpful in explaining what would be done and answering any questions. I had x-rays done, photos take and molds made. Dr. Junge is personable and professional in everything he does. Going to see the dentist is not… read more

Stevenson House Apartments

Places is Bad

The place is a dump. their are bugs in every apartment. There are Floods from one apartment down into other apartments and no clean up or checks for mold in walls. They can't work on ele or water pipe because no plain for any of the… read more

Clendenen Lynn

Personal attention and first-class dentistry

I recently had a front tooth crown replaced by Dr. Leeward. Unlike the old crown, the new crown is a wonderful match and is indistinguishable from my natural teeth. I had put this off for years because of the intense pain the last time… read more

Mark Waind D.D.S., Ps

Remember when going to the dentist was a painful experience to be dreaded? Not any more! Carol Loe is the queen of comfort when it comes to dentistry. Yesterday she and her able assistant demolished a cavity-riddled tooth, made various… read more

Carol J Loe Pllc

Remember when going to the dentist was a painful experience to be dreaded? Not any more! Carol Loe is the queen of comfort when it comes to dentistry. Yesterday she and her able assistant demolished a cavity-riddled tooth, made various… read more


A perfect place to buy your uniquely designed jewelry made by independent artists. Fancy has great, one of a kind peices that have lots of style. Located in the hip retail area of Belltown, it is right next door to Schmancy which has some… read more


This Place is a Dump!

Don't get me wrong, I like me some fast food. I do not like health nuts telling me to eat healthy. If I didn't want liver and brain damage and a lowered chance of living past 50 I wouldn't be eating at McDonalds, but I do, so let me… read more

Drs. Bryant & Junge

I am a new patient to Dr Junge's practice. Upon entering his office, I was immediately impressed with the upbeat mood of his office staff and the very nice surroundings. So far I've had my teeth cleaned, crown preparation and whitening… read more

Gilmore Stacy S DDS

Estimated time quote for procedure was 2 hours (Dr. Dan). Ended up spending 3.5 hours in the chair. I don't know how many attempts it takes to get an "impression" of my teeth, yet it seemed excessive. I have a new appreciation for the… read more

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11 thoughts on “Black Mold Removal In Seattle

  1. Great insights! Molds really bring harm to humans that is why getting rid of these is very necessary in order to ensure safety in homes especially kids are around. There are several ways for mold clean up, but, I think having the help from experts’ matters. In this way, proper handling and disposal would be done which is appropriate to ensure safety.

  2. Black molds are indeed harmful. Getting rid of black molds is really very important in order to avoid danger. Prolonged exposure with molds could possibly cause respiratory problems. Proper removal of these molds is a must. Licensed mold removal experts could help a lot in dealing with this concern.

  3. DRYFAST is proud to be one of the very few truly full service water damage restoration contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area (License #B959870) and the Las Vegas – Henderson Area (License #0077068)! We do it all, from A to Z, from water removal to reconstruction to mold prevention. One call does it all! it is certified, licensed, bonded and insured with customer satisfaction as our number one priority!

  4. It is good to know that there are many companies like us that do “mold removal”. I often say to my clients that the best solution is prevention for mold in bathroom.

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